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Hurricane Fiona Woodlot Assistance

In partnership with Nova Scotia Natural Resources and Renewables (NRR) and Disaster Financial Assistance of Nova Scotia (DFA), the Association for Sustainable Forestry (ASF) is coordinating a cleanup program which will assist landowners whose woodlots have been significantly impacted by windthrow caused by Hurricane Fiona.

Incentives will assist with cleanup and removal of merchantable wood fibre, and renewal of existing boundary lines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For information and details on the Hurricane Fiona cleanup funding assistance – CLICK HERE


Severe Damage ($475/ha)
A forested area where >75% of the trees are blown down, has stems broken or are leaning at greater than 15 degrees from vertical.

Moderate ($250/ ha)
A forested area where 50% to 75% of the trees are blown down, had stems broken or are leaning greater than 15 degrees from vertical.

Blended ($365/ ha)
A forested area where the damage is moderate or greater, but highly variable and cannot be placed completely in the severe or moderate category.

Previously Treated Stands ($250/ha)
A forested stand, previously treated by merchantable silviculture prior to September 23, 2022. These stands are only eligible for the moderate category.

Boundary Line Identification ($500/km)
To cleanup existing and established boundary lines on cleanup areas that are bordered by a boundary line.

Boundary Line Retracement/Establishment ($1500/ km)
Means to engage the services of a licensed Nova Scotia land surveyor for the purposes of re-tracing an existing boundary line that cannot be found or the establishment of a new boundary line.

Clean-up Treatment Criteria

  • Areas claimed for clean-up must have evidence of removal of wood products and left in a condition suitable for reforestation by planting (which may include site preparation) or natural regeneration. Completed clean-up areas must be able to be 70% stocked to commercial forest species at 2.4m x 2.4m spacing. Future silvicultural operations will not be hindered by excessive amounts of un-clean-up material, or by dangerous trees or overhead hazards.
  • The Association shall confirm the accuracy of all claimed areas.

Boundary Line Identification Criteria

Boundary line identification is the process of cutting out and clearing an existing boundary line to make it more visible.


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